Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Letters- A letter to Carter.


Dear Carter, Thank you. Thank you for being that horse that brings me back to me, even if you are just temporarily in my life. You have brought my confidence up. You have given me a purpose again. You have put me back on the path to my passion. I love you for this. I know you were an investment. One to sell, but little man I want you to know that working with you was an investment in my soul, not financially. I feel so alive on your back, like I can still do this. It's like I am at peace up there just teaching you how to balance physically as you teach me to balance mentally. How did you do this? The horse I thought I would like the least and you suck me in. You make me feel like an equestrian. You make me feel like a trainer. You make me feel alive. Dressage is riding as if two were one and I truly feel that on your back. You have been so brave this month. Coming down from New York to a new barn with a new rider and going straight to work. I am proud of you Carter. I will do my best to make sure the home you land in understands your talent and appreciates you and love you like I do. You are my blessing, even if only for a minute.

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