Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo Dump

So I have never really done a photo dump and I am so excited to show you me, 17 pounds down! Oh, and look at my new Firmoo glasses!

Now for the rest of the pictures from here lately.

Oscars night. While you guys were all getting ready to watch the Oscars I was in Atlanta hauling this Lotus to an Oscar Party. This car was in a James Bond movie and has all sorts of memorabilia with it. And all of the guest at the party dressed as if they were attending the Oscars. The bling and dresses were amazing!

My cousin got a boxer puppy for me I mean Ms. Baby and I fell in love. Seriously, look at that face. Can you believe I get to snuggle with that at work?

Ms. Baby loves to snuggle with him too, when I am not stealing him from her. You know how they say "It's like takin' candy from a baby?" umm... more like taking a puppy from a baby. Kidding, I only take him when she is napping or busy with her bottle. 

She says "hello, meet my puppy Diesel."

And finally... this is what happens when puppy has played all day and finds a quiet minute away from his fans.

Now. I am off to do the same. Sleep. Maybe in a more modest position though. 

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