Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My dogs ARE my kids!


So people are always asking when I plan to have kids. I mean, I have been married almost 2 years where are the little ones? 

I have little ones. I have a 7 year old (I cannot believe she is 7) and a 3 year old. 
Meet Lacey and Riley. 
Cutest faces ever. 

Here is a list of reasons why I am convinced they are just like having kids... 

1) They bicker like children. Riley is always taking any toy that he thinks Lacey might be interested in. Lacey constantly tattles. The next minute she is stealing his bed and he is pacing and grumbling. Just like human siblings. 

2) Riley has severe allergies. I am constantly reading labels, handing out allergy meds, applying ointment and snuggling with a puppy that doesn't feel 100% on his bad days. It's just like caring for a human child. 

3) Riley is a late sleeper like me, he loves veggies like me, and he is a people person dog just like me. Lacey is an early riser, she is super smart, and she is a loner just like Chris. Just like kids, they take after their parents. 

4) When we go to the weekend house okay, anywhere I have to be sure to pack water, the correct food/treats for Riley, his meds, toys, potty bags, extra leashes and a blanket for Lacey. It's just like packing a diaper bag.

And finally... 
5) I love them unconditionally. I look forward to getting home and snuggling with them. I don't know what I would do without them. Kinda like kids. 

Am I the only one obsessed with my monsters? Please tell me there is someone else as obsessed with their dogs.

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