Monday, April 29, 2013

Scrambled brain

I cannot form a cohesive post tonight. My thoughts are literally ALL over the place.

Here is what the last 30 minutes have looked like....

" That steak was amazing. Why don't we do that more often?"

" Water. I need more water. I really need to drink more water than wine."

"Speaking of water my skin is looking great because of it. Or my It Works wrap. Probably both."

"Know who looks great? Mr. Hubs. He needs to crawl out of his work and pay attention to me..."

"Facebook.... Who is that? Does she really have 3 kids? Hmm... *be nice, be nice, be nice*"

" I want peanut butter cookies."

-----Chris asked me how many cookies I was actually going to consume.----

"Screw him. I will eat 20 if I feel like it."

" Why the heck did I eat 4 cookies? I feel so sick."

" I am sleepy."

" oooh Captured Moments Photography posted more pictures. Time to stalk."

" Water. Where is my water."

"facebook time!"

Y'all this is why I am not really posting tonight. I just can't. I feel like a squirrel. My mind is going 3894 miles an hour. So night!

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Janna Renee said...

I have to tell myself to be nice when I'm reading Facebook too! Like this one girl that just popped up pregnant, but there is no father in the picture...I'm more surprised than judging because she's a super nice girl! FB makes it too easy to judge lol.