Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleep like a baby.

Why do people say that?
I have a seven month old niece and that kid hates sleep. Seriously, she considers 15 minutes a good nap.

I try to tell her that one day when she is working a 9-5 she will miss those nap opportunities. She just babbles and pulls my hair and drools or sticks her tongue out at me.

Seriously,  Baby K, you are too cute but you should listen to Auntie when she says you will wish you had taken your naps one day. 

She will stay awake until she reaches zombie stage.

That was almost to zombie point, Easter Sunday. She will scream and cry and wiggle and do anything to not fall asleep. And the whole time I am thinking "Please, let me take her nap for her." Her mom never goes for that arrangement. I think Baby K could handle the phones while I took a 30 minute siesta.

The kid already has me fearing the sleep I will lose once we have kids. I have been reading everything I can on how to make the little munchkins sleep. Apparently, soft blankies and teddy bears do not make babies sleepy. 

Why do babies fight it? Do they not know that sleep is magical? That one day the will count the minutes of sleep they can fit in? Or is that just me? Can you tell I am sleep deprived?! 


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