Monday, January 12, 2015

Granny's Bowl

Confession: I love vintage Pyrex. 

A few years ago at my bridal shower my mama gave me one piece of Pyrex that is irreplaceable. 

She gave me my Great-grandmothers "pudding bowl". 

It was the last gift I opened. Mama waited until I had opened everything else and handed it to me. We had my shower a week after the wedding and my granny had passed after a battle with bone cancer on my wedding day, so the pain of losing her was still raw. Granny, and mama had a very special very strong bond and the fact that mama gave it to me meant so much. I remember looking up and mama had excused herself. Dad walked over and hugged me and said mom had a hard time parting with something so sentimental. She had gone back and forth and decided it was meant to have a place in my home. 

I cried and vowed it would always have a place among my fine china. That is where it has stayed. 

Granny and Papa were farmers so money was tight and most of her stuff was hand me downs. This bowl was a splurge and she used it to take her amazing homemade banana pudding to church gatherings and get togethers. There is no telling how times the bowl was pulled off the shelf for her special sweet treat. I like to imagine her with her gospel music playing, dancing around the kitchen getting ready for lunch after revival. 

This bowl is more than a bowl. It's my mama's sacrifice and love. It's traditions and recipes passed on. It's memories and history. I think we all have those little things that have been passed on. Those little things that are so small but mean so much.

 What is one of your favorite sentimental keepsakes?

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JG said...

What a sweet post. When my grandma died, I got her turkey platter. It stays on the Shelf but is front and center at Thanksgiving every year. I know people say things are just things, but some things really are more than that.