Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A few of my Thousand

Remember when I started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp ? 

Well, school got in the way and I put it down. I still kept up with my 1000 gift journal though and I thought I would share some of my little gifts and blessings today. Mom was right when she said the book is life changing. I highly recommend it. 

Stephanie Watson via 

Here are a few of my first blessings I recorded:

#1 Hay. The smell of it. The sight of it baled in the field. The sense of accomplishment from getting it all up. 

#2 A hot drink on a cold day. 

#3 Polishing old cars with daddy. 

#4. A baby's laugh. 

#5 Hearts and Flowers trips with mama and my sisters

#6 An old time revival 

#7 Gathering at the river for a Baptism

#8 Bluegrass music

#9 Sticking my feet in a cold creek.

#10 Feeling the velvet of a horses muzzle

#11 The jokes my husband and I share. 

#12 All Chris does for us to have our little life.

#13 Bonfires on a fall night

#14 Praying together nightly

#15 The view of the rolling hills at the farm.

#16 The humbled feeling after turning your pain over to God.

#17 The way my sisters just get me.

#18 How mama knows exactly what I need to hear. 

#20 A fire in the fireplace on a super cold night. 

#21 Rain on a tin roof

#22 Sweet tea in a mason jar

#23 Prayer when it all seems to be falling apart. 

#24 The final salute after an amazing dressage test. 

#25 The colors of fall

The beauty of this book and keeping a blessings journal is that it makes you aware of even the smallest blessings. It has made me a much more positive, satisfied person. 

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JG said...

I love this! It's important to count your blessings.