Monday, January 26, 2015

Wild Horses

The past few days have been insanely busy.

From a 2 day cram course for the state exam to craziness at work, it has been a headache. I need to relax at my happy place.

I finally got to ride again after a week of nasty weather. It was a gorgeous day, 60 degrees and sunny. I figured the horses would be on their best behavior because they had lots of outside time, blankets were off and the weather was gorgeous. Boy was I wrong.

The lesson horses were doing every little thing they could to be put on the naughty list. Shortcake even decided to bite. Yes, bite. In the 15 years I have never even known her to attempt to nip, much less full on bite. I knew we were doomed.

We worked and got all the kids up on their mounts and in the arena and my trainer took over the lessons.

I walked in to get my usual hunter horse, Soul, only to realize my hunt saddle was on one of the lesson horses. I decided to go on a whim and ride him in a dressage saddle and work on some lateral movements with him.

Yeah, about that...

I took him to the mounting block and he would not sit still. I got on him and he immediately started to jog. I finally got him to chill and we went to work at the trot. He was so strong. It felt like I was holding all 1000 pounds of him. Thanks, Soul. In  the canter I had to half halt strong and repeatedly ask him to woah. It didn't work.

In the cool out he decided his shenanigans were not over and spooked/tried to run off because another horse trotted, then 3 people were whispering on the sidelines and then because the wind blew. This horse has been on an airplane, in coliseums with screaming people and we have ridden in the rain.

He was full of himself and today my shoulders are on fire. Thanks, Soul.

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