Friday, March 8, 2013

Butting Heads

I wrote this awhile ago and never hit publish. I think I guard the horse side of me because it is one of the most important things I have.

So here it is. This will give you insight on the equestrian side of me. You can see where my passion lies.
You might not get all the lingo, but still....

Meet Raffany ...

Why is he running around with his nose stuck out and his ears pinned back? 
He is stubborn and has an attitude. 

This horse and I butt heads and argue more than any horse I have ever ridden. He will kick out at my leg, trot slow, buck at the canter, grit his teeth. Ugh... the list goes on and on. The vet and dentist have both looked at him. They just laugh and say it's not a health problem, it's a personality problem. He is just as lovely on the ground. 

So why do I ride this horse that clearly is not the partner for me?

He loves kids and is one of our best lesson horses. He is a saint for them! Occasionally I ride him to remind him that he has to work and to keep him toned. And also, he has the worlds bounciest trot and it's great to work on my sitting when I get sloppy. 

Another reason... On those days when we agree to disagree, it is the most amazing thing you have ever seen. He gets happy and relaxed. His lead changes and leg yields are effort less. He comes round and stretches to the contact. His shoulder- ins and haunches-in are flawless. It is breathtaking and I credit this horse for some of my best and most successful rides.

Sometimes it's those horses. The ones who challenge you. The ones that make you wonder what you are going to get that day. The ones that don't seem to be meant for you, that actually end up helping you the most. Through the good rides and the bad, I wouldn't trade a single one. 

I love you Raffany, you big grouch. 

I think love is the same way. It's the people that challenge the most that help you the most.

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