Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never Trust a Min Pin

I am posting this post as a warning.  If you own a Min Pin or ever come in contact with one remember, they are just pretending to be an ally. Learn from my story.

The min pin that tricked me is, of course, Lacey.

Sorry it's blurry, This is one of her baby pictures (5 months) when we thought she was so innocent.

Okay so last night, I was really craving something sweet and I didn't want to completely blow the diet so I decided to sneak into the kitchen for a marshmallow or 2. I have learned that one marshmallow will cure any sweet craving I have and I figure they are better than a whole bowl of ice cream or a candy bar. Lacey follows me into the kitchen and begs. This is the conversation we had. Yes I talk to my dog.

Lacey: Growls
Me: "Lace, I am hiding from your dad because he thinks he has more self- control than me. Go away."
        This diet has become a competition. Anything we do together becomes a game, I swear.
Lacey: Jumps up and down and whimpers
Me: " Look, these things aren't good for me, so I am sure they are awful for you."
Lacey: blank stare and a growl.
          At this point she is drawing too much attention to the kitchen. 
Me: "Fine you can have one! One! But eat it in here so your dad doesn't know what we are up to."

That little brat marched over to the doorway to the living room (she stayed in the kitchen) and smacked as loud as she could right where he could see her. I thought we had an understanding. Nope.

Don't trust a min pin. Ever.

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