Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend, horses, diet, me


Dear weekend, Last weekend was spent working super late hours, so this weekend I plan on staying in bed, blogging and playing with my puppies. It is supposed to be super cold, so this plan is sounding better and better.
- Lazy as hell

Dear horses, I have had blast this week. Re-training you little ones, working with the more experienced ones and snuggling with my retired one. This week has reminded me why I put in the hours in the cold weather and rain. 
- Horse crazy

Dear diet, three pounds from our goal and we are stalling. And the weight loss coach gets mean when we are at a standstill. Seriously, can we just lose the 3 pounds so I can stabilize and finish the program? 
- Frustrated

Dear me, I am proud of you. You have kept up with the diet, 2 bible studies, financial boot camp and a solid riding program. Where did this new driven you come from? 
- Focused lady

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