Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throw back Thursday.

I am linking up for Throwback Thursday. I am excited, but I don't know of the world is ready for my throwback pics.

Alright here we go. High school. 

That's me on the left. This was probably Junior year and we were part of the Cinderella musical. 
Too much cool? 
I thought so. 
We look like baby hoes with our cake make up and ringlets. 

It makes you wonder how I had a boyfriend.
But then I remembered Chris looked like this at the time... 

Sorry for the crappy phone photo, but look at that mushroom hair. 
Lovely, huh?
And yes we have been together off and on since high school. 

 photo newsig-2_zps2cb0e937.jpg


Misty said...

Baby hoes? Hahahaha! Love it.

Thanks for linking up.

Lisa said...

This looks like fun!! I love old school photos and photo albums.

Just started following you, by the way!