Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday Letters,
It has been awhile and I have kinda missed you. Your a great way to re-cap my week and my feelings.

Dear Cold Weather,
Brrr.... You do not make riding very fun. I hate feeling like an ice cube when I get done training. Not cool. There is a reason I live in the south and that reason is not the cold.

Dear Soul,
Ow. I understand you were frustrated because we were learning something new, but you didn't need to pull my arms out of socket. Seriously, my arms are on fire today.
Don't let that sweet face fool you. He was rotten last night, but it was still a blast. 
Dear weekend,
I am going to party like I'm 80. Comfort food and nap times galore. Do not throw any wrenches into that plan, okay?

Dear readers, 
Thank you for being here and while you are here join the giveaway! 

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Chelsea said...

What a cute blog! It had been a while since I did Friday's Letters too and I'm so excited to be back! It is fun to meet so many people and so many neat blogs :-) Happy Weekend!!


Michelle said...

Hahaha party like your 80, nanna naps all round hey! We all need one of those weekends occassionally!
Your horse is beautiful, how could you stay mad at a pretty face like that :)

Karrie S said...

Can you post the link for the TOATS blog?>

Mallory Castleberry said...

of course! here is her link

Mrs. H said...

I'm totally going to party like I'm 80 this weekend!

Xo, B