Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Riley's Resolutions!

I am exhausted and I have to work today, but we have a special guest... Riley.

This is Riley if he could talk...

Hey guys! I am Riley and I am my mom's favorite. Don't tell Lacey, because she thinks she is mama's favorite. So my mama talked all about her New Year's Resolutions last night, so I decided to make a list of my own. She also decided to drank a little drank, but I will not be doing that today. I am allergic to EVERYTHING! Anyways... here we go!

1) I am going to do my best to not be such a mama's boy teach my mama that we can do things separately. I do not have a problem, she does. I swear the lady is crazy. She is obsessed with me.

2) I am going to stop taking orders from the bossy min pin. She does not intimidate me... that much. Okay, maybe she is scary. She has a master plan to take over the world.


3) I am going to learn how to open the fridge. My parent's make it look so easy. It also holds all sorts of magical things. Like mom's special drink. She pours a tall glass and says, "Oh thank God for sweet tea!".  What is this sweet tea? Can I have some? She also loves wine and blue drink, all of that can be found in the fridge too! I have to figure out how to get in there.

4) I am going to convince my parents to buy me my very own bed. Nothing smaller than a queen for this boy. Oooh and lots of pillows. I love pillows. Especially mom's pillows. I swear, she is the one with Riley issues. I do not have Mama issues.

5) I am going to stop scratching my legs and pulling out my hair. I hate that stuff mom puts on my feet to make me stop itching.

6) And last I am going to the dog park more. I miss all of my friends!

I have to go now! Dad is home snuggling with me because it is New Year's Day! Mom has to work. I am going to miss her I mean she is going to miss me.

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