Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I want 20 wedding dresses

We have been wedding dress shopping for the bestie's wedding dress and I have to say I am slightly jealous. Okay. I am really jealous. The dress shopping was my favorite part. I could have visited every bridal store in the south.

In fact I love my dress so much I wore it for a "southern" photo shoot and I plan to wear it in at least one more. Sorry, there is about to be a photo dump. Here are pictures from the wedding day...

I did not want to take it off. I do not understand how people have reception dresses. My plan was to stay in this dress until I absolutely had to take it off.  Which is why I put it on again for this photo shoot... 
Why can't we wear wedding dresses every day? 

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Lisa Nelson said...

We can! I would go to high end bridal shops and just twirl and twirl

Beautiful! I am loving the splash of color with the yellow. Loving the pale yellow bridesmaids dresses! Very very nice!

I also love the wooded pictures!