Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get to know me.

Today I was over at Travel Babbles and she is doing a twenty facts link up. I have noticed a few new followers around here so even though I have already spilled some secrets, I decided to join in and tell you a few things.

1) I wish that I could wear pajamas everyday. I worked from home for dad before I worked in the office and it made me LAZY. I wear yoga pants to work all the time.

2) I have a temper. I can sometimes be a bitch. Sorry. We are being honest here and that is me.

3) I just bought my childhood home and I am in love with it. I love sleeping in this familiar place and I love all the memories that are here and all the ones to come. It's the coolest feeling ever.

4) I could sleep 16 hours a day. I am a professional sleeper. My pillow and I are besties.

5) I love sweet tea. I have a glass everyday. I get grumpy without it.

6) I am an equestrian. I have ridden horses since birth (mom rode while pregnant with me). I have been to Grand Nationals and the World Championships but I still never feel good enough. One day.

7) I have a mouth like a sailor. I try to watch it on here but it is so damn hard!

8) I am OCD over somethings but somethings have to remain chaotic for me to be satisfied.

9) One of my favorite moments in the day... When Riley goes to sleep and dreams. He yips in his sleep and it is adorable. My heart melts.

10) I am trying to be more organized with this whole blog thing. I have a calendar and am ready for this next year. I am really bad about procrastinating but I am hoping that using the calendar will help with this.

11) I am a product junkie. There are probably 4 bottles of shampoo, 8 bottles of lotion, 6 bottles of perfume and 3 mascaras in my bathroom right now.

12) I sing constantly. About everything. If I don't know a song to fit the situation, I make up one. I am pretty sure this is why my husband married me. I am entertaining as hell. He says embarrassing but sometimes he mixes up his words.

13) I hope I one day have a little girl so I can play with all of the amazing toys I saved from my childhood. Seriously there are Polly Pockets in my attic waiting for that day. That makes me a loser, doesn't it?

14) I really want to go up in a hot air balloon, but my husband is terrified of the idea. This frustrates me too no end,

15) My animals are my babies and my family means everything. Seriously, I do not know what I would do without them.

16) I could eat Pizza every day. Why are there so many calories in pizza? There are veggies in it. Doesn't that count as healthy?

17) I think that humans should be allowed to hibernate during the winter. Seriously, we should be allowed to sleep and eat and snuggle without having to go out into the cold and work.

18) I have to sleep with a fan at night, but there cannot be any other noise and it has to be pitch black. I also have to sleep with 3 pillows.

19) The two most relaxing things in the world ... my farm and my horses. I just never make myself take the time to breathe and enjoy them until I am at the breaking point. This year I have decided to change that.

20) I love my blog. I hope it shows. This year I hope to open up more and show you all a little more me. I want to connect with you guys and build lasting friendships.


Betsy Lynn said...

Mallory - just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go check out my blog ( to see it!

Bex said...

Great post :) Nice to find out a little more xx