Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was nominated by the amazing Betsy Lynn . She is a doll so go check her out!
So the random facts

1) Money stresses me out. We are doing well right now, but my husband obsesses over it and the last few days I feel like the walls are closing in.

2) I hate feeling like I have hurt someones feelings. I hate it.

3) Snuggling with my puppy is my favorite thing ever. He is like a big soft teddy bear.

4) I am happiest on the back of a horse.

5)  I have been told I should sing gospel music, but I don't think I can carry a tune so I won't even try.

6) I love antique stuff and would trade everything in my house in for them if I could.

7) I have the urge to adopt/rescue every animal adopted. It kills me to have to turn one away.

8) I am obsessed with mascara.

9) I ride horses and have been in several write ups. It makes me feel like a celeb every time it happens. Pathetic, I know.

10) I wish I could take a decent photo, but I can't. Even with the pro sister helping.

11) I am a procrastinator.

Now for the questions...
1.       What is your favorite book?
         Gone with the Wind. I could read it once a month and not get sick of it
.2.       What is a cherished recipe that has been handed down in your family?
        Probably my grandma's chocolate pie recipe. I will have to share it one day when I can find my recipe box.

3.       What was/is your favorite vacation?
        Williamsburg, VA. I have never been that relaxed anywhere.

4.       Do you use your degree that you got in school? If so, how?
        No, not at all. I majored in biology and work for my dad now.

5.       Did you always get along with your parents growing up?
        My mom and I bumped heads in high school but we are close now.

6.       Have you ever had extreme hair color?
        Nope, I have always stuck with blonde or brown.

7.       What is your favorite drink?
        Sweet tea, I have to have a glass a day at least

8.       What did you do for New Years Eve?
        I actually went to bed early because I had to work the next day. I am lame I know.

9.       How is 2013 going to be different for you? Excited, nervous, etc.?
       I am excited to spend more time with the blog and the book and my horses. 

10.   What is a favorite new blog that you have discovered?
        There are so many! I can't decide.

11.   What is your shoe size?
        I wear a size 8.5- 9

Okay... My nominees
Chasing Birdies
Little Woman, Little Home
Living with Fletch

My questions....
1) What is your favorite memory?
2) What is your favorite beauty secret?
3) Name your top 3 blogs that you read.
4) What book could you read over and over again?
5) Heel, boots, or flats?
6) What is your pet peeve?
7) Is there a fashion that went out that you would love to see come back?
8) Why did you start your blog and where did the name come from?
9) What is your current job? What is your dream job?
10) What are your plans for the next year?
11) What is your favorite place to be?


Bex said...

Aww, thank you for the nomination!xo

LWLH said...

Thanks for the nomination girl! :)
And all the blog love, your the best!

Helene said...

congrats!! and i love gone with the wind, book and movie edition.

Anonymous said...

I'm not using my degree (Marketing), either. I am really starting to think that college was waste.
Snuggling with puppies always makes me feel great. :)