Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The other side of me...

So, you know how in my about me section I talk about how I am a crazy horse lady? You guys never get to see that. It is on an entirely different blog, but today I wanted to show ya'll what makes me tick. What relaxes me and what my passion is.

I wrote a post about my Saturday ride. Riding is a workout and like any workout sometimes you just don't want to train. But again like any work out you never regret it.

Here it is, the other side of me...
I have been battling a nasty cold for two weeks. Two weeks! I haven't felt like riding, because it's hard to breathe and it's been cold. Every time I have to trot for more that 5 minutes I have coughing spells that hurt. This week I finally felt better but still weak and it was freezing, but the trainer spoke and I got my butt to the barn. I told her I could squeeze in a ride early, but only a quick one. 

Saturday I showed up at 9 am. It was cold and the ground was still frozen. I immediately regretted agreeing to ride. The outdoor arena was frozen solid so I couldn't ride in the sunshine. Lovely, riding in the shaded arena in the cold weather. I waited for Soul to finish his grain and pulled him out of his stall. I peeled off his blankets and started to brush. As the shavings fell from him, the stress fell from me. He nickered and nuzzled and I smiled and laughed. We got tacked up and headed down to the covered arena where he could hardly stand still while I got on.

My trainer made her way to the arena and we went to work. He trotted and came into frame perfectly ( where the horses bend there necks and bodies pretty). I barely put my leg on and he molded to my leg around curves and floated around the arena. Then we asked for the canter (my favorite part). He can sometimes be a little strong and bossy but he was literally floating. I was sitting perfectly. It was like we were on the same brainwave. Our ride was cut short because he was being so perfect and we wanted to reward him. I walked him out much longer than normal, not wanting the ride to end. That ride I didn't want to start? The one I was convinced it was too cold to do?

Guess what... I was warm, relaxed and happy. It was just what I needed. I left the barn clear headed and confident. I left the barn happy and relaxed. I left the barn knowing little Soul and I had been just what each other needed and realizing I should never put riding on the back burner even if it is cold and I am sick. I never regret a ride. Ever. So why put off getting to the barn? I need to ride. For my sanity and my health. 

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