Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog to help the animals... Count me in!

Blog the Change

As you all know Riley is my little rescue and my heart. Hallie is also a rescue that belongs to my parents. Both of these dogs have given so much without even trying. They have mended hearts and taught love. To read both there stories click here and right here. This week bloggers every where will participate in a blog hop that will hopefully help homeless and abused pets everywhere.  So join in! Blog about why adoption and spay/neuter is so important. Blog about your success as an adopted mommy or daddy. Blog about volunteering. We can band together. We can make this change. Even if we just get one dog adopted, or open one persons eyes. Blog for love... blog for the animals.  Stay tuned for my post July 23rd.

 Click here to join in!


Kim said...

Three cheers for Riley and Hallie, and for you - for spreading awareness about this upcoming event. I say, Let's get them all HOME!

Thanks for blogging the change for animals,
Kim Thomas

Pup Fan said...

Awesome post... thank you so much for joining us for Blog the Change and for helping to spread the word about the July 23rd event!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing your support!