Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craft Room.

I am not a really crafty person, but I REALLY, want a craft room. I keep telling myself that if I have a room for crafts then I will be motivated to create beautiful artwork. Shh... This is not the time for reality checks. Ya'll can laugh at me once I have the room and haven't created a thing. That won't be the case though.

I have  decided I need a paper organizer for my scrapbook paper. I have a great desk/crafting area. I need cute supply holders. I need cute curtains and a gorgeous view. Okay, scratch that last one. There would be too many distractions. Here are some awesome craft room ideas that I found. Now I just need the money to create the space.

Love, Love, Love... I am crazy about mason jars though.

Ribbon storage

Paper Storage

I need to take over the office and turn it into a crafting room. The hubs can deal with it. Maybe it will transform, the next weekend he works. Shhh....

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Anonymous said...

Omg can I please have that craft room!

Delightfully Chaotic