Tuesday, July 10, 2012

small annoyances. . .

I love my husband. Most days I adore him. He works 100 hours every other week and 40 hours on his short weeks to provide for me. On his weekends off he heads to my family's farm to work to keep the place self sustaining, because he knows it's the house that built me. But even with all of this love and admiration there comes small annoyances. One fear, I noticed today, is his fear of the trashcan. The man is terrified of it. Taking out the trash is his only chore around here! Yet, he will pile trash all the way up the wall to keep from taking it out. It takes more time to balance and play Jenga with the trash then it does to take it out. This morning I turned to throw out my q-tip from putting on my make-up and the trash was piled up. So I went to the kitchen to toss the bathroom in the trash so it could all be taken out. It was piled so high that there was no way to even fit a q-tip. UGH!!! I shook my head and took it out myself, growling the whole way of course. 

We get to work, yes we work together and yes it's stressful, and I notice that the trash there is overflowing too.  I work with fifteen men and they would rather watch me take out the trash then get near the scary contraption. Then it hit me... Oscar the Grouch did this. Every grown man around me watched Sesame Street as a child and still believes that Oscar is in the trashcans. This is the only logical explanation as to why their eye get wide with fear when I suggest they help out and take out the trash. So if anyone knows of an Oscar the Grouch exterminator I would appreciate it. I am sick of being the clean up crew every where I go. 

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