Monday, July 16, 2012

Big 'Ol Lemons

Life gave me lemons today. Big sour lemons. Lemons that made me angry and when I am angry I cry. I ordered the lemons 3 weeks ago without even realizing. I saw it happening but couldn't do anything to stop it. We loaned our car to a relative, who in return trashed it and got it impounded. I should have followed that gut feeling. We now have to hope we can sell it for salvage to cover some of our losses. It seems that house of ours must wait again. 

Oh well, if you read my "B" blog , you know I find beauty or the positive in everything. I made a list to keep me from crying even more. 
1) Less car insurance once we sell it.
2) We tried to do a good deed.
3) We can car shop or put money into my project truck so that we have 2 cars, and I love picking out cars. 
4) We needed a truck anyways.
5) We learned who we can really trust through it all.  

In the mean time I will drink an adult beverage and share my lemonade recipe. 

You need a 2 quart pitcher
1 cup of fresh squeezed lemonade
2 cups of sugar (yes 2)and the juice of one clementine. Okay, here is the most important part, throw the clementine in the pitcher and stir and DO NOT remove it. Then serve in a chilled mason jar because there  is no other way to drink lemonade.  If you guys try it and like it let me  know.
Lake Burton- Where I would love to be sipping my lemonade right now

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