Friday, July 13, 2012

This week in a list

I have decided that on Fridays, I am going to start re-capping my week in list form. I love lists! They are short and to the point. These lists will include accomplishments, trials, and neat things I have found throughout the week. So here it is.... the first "Friday - week in a list recap"

1) Revival was at church this week. It is the first Revival in that I haven't been able to attend in a long time. Work has been insane, but I do plan on going tomorrow morning and night. I really missed everyone there. 

2) It rained this week! We needed it so bad. 106 degrees sucks. Plus, I love summer thunderstorms. Last night I went to Suz's house and we sat around and talked and listened to the storm with her awesome little beagle, Natty. When I got home I took my dogs out. It was pouring so I took them to the barn. Lacey promptly broke out of her collar and took off! I spent 15 minutes in the thunder and lightning chasing a min pin. At that moment I wasn't so enthused with the storm. 

3) I am on a vintage kick! I have always love antiques and vintage things but this week I have had the urge to throw out everything new and replace it with vintage models. My sister found a vintage fan ( like this one ) and kicked her modern one to the curb... I am super jealous. I must find one. 

4) Thursday was a bad day. Duke, my aunts beloved black lab, had to be put to sleep. They found a tumor and his organs were shutting down. It was heart breaking, but what had to be done. Duke has been the family since my cousin and I were 12 and 8, so he was part of the family. Everyone took turns saying goodbye before the vet showed up. He wagged his tail at each goodbye. I am convinced that dogs get to go first because they understand how to love unconditionally before we do. 

5) As you can all see, I am new to this whole blogging thing. I started this thing awhile ago but I have never had enough to say set enough time aside for me. Now I am doing that and I am addicted! The stress that goes away with each post is amazing. I want to thank ya'll for taking time to check in this week. Watching my views go up has really helped me stay on track. You guys are making me feel like what I have to say is actually worth listening to!

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