Monday, July 9, 2012

I am lazy.

Photo by: Captured Moments- Anna
My Wreck the Dress photos in the hay field at the farm. 

So I am not really lazy but after a weekend at the farm I am so bad! My first thought this morning was " why cant I be the farmer's wife today too?" Seriously, not to brag... okay I am bragging... My weekend was amazing! What does a girl do at the farm all day, you ask? Here's what ya do when playing the hobby farmer's wife. Well,  technically since dad owns it and is there too I am also playing the farmer's daughter. anyways here's the schedule....

8:00- Wake up, make my way to the front porch and watch the fish and turtles play in the river. 
8:30- Shower- throw on my most comfy jeans and tank top, those almost unacceptable for public wear.
8:45- Make the hubby yummy breakfast or just let him pick up yummy biscuits from the lady in town who makes the biscuits that I am convinced will be served in Heaven. 
9:00- Eat breakfast while watching my favorite scenery. I usually choose the river but the cows aren't bad to watch either. 
10-1ish - Drive around on the gator or 4 wheeler and check fence lines and cows. If I find any issues I tell the hubby and dad because fixing fences is hard and I am sure I would just mess things up.  
1-2ish- Attempt to pet and love on all the cows that will let me touch them. Run from the ones that look angry. 
2-3ish- NAP- I like choose the back of a four wheeler under the huge oak or pecan trees but in the hammock over the river is not bad. Getting into the hammock is a challenge though. It hangs over a cliff so you basically have to jump and pray you don't land in the river below.  
3-5ish- Find the men and watch them work while discussing all the stuff  I've accomplished today. 
6-10ish make dinner find a movie, book or campfire

Then I sleep and do it all again the next day!!! I love the farm!!! That is why on Monday I am pretty much worthless and every customer who comes in contact me must think they have stumbled into the DMV. I can feel myself shooting daggers for asking me to work. I am not mean to them, just a little slow checking them out. Oh well, people around here need to slow the heck down anyways! Maybe they all need a farm weekend, just not at our farm... that's my haven. 

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