Tuesday, November 27, 2012

18 negative nelly's

Lately I have been in a blogging slump. My posts have had very little meaning and it shows by the lack of views and emails. I am sorry guys, I really am. I was sitting here staring at my computer trying to figure out where the hell my writing bug went, when it hit me.... 

I work with 18 "men", I use that term loosely, but day to day I deal with 18 men for 12 hours a day. Thank about that for a minute. How many of you live with one and want to scream? Try 18. 

My family owns a towing company and a police impound lot. I deal with grouchy people with broke down cars, who think that obviously it's my fault that there car left them stranded. I get yelled at frequently. I deal with 911 dispatch and work with them to get the roads clean and criminals put away. It's stressful and dangerous. Then I get to tell these 18 men where to go and what to do. That is the worst part of the job.

The boys bicker and tattle and complain and whine and play just like 5 year olds, all while we are trying to run a business! That is where my mojo has gone. I left it where at my desk, where I broke up the last argument between two boys I mean MEN over who got the better paying call. Oy! 

It's not that I don't love the guys. Some of them are family, most are friends and the others eh... they won't last. We can fight one minute and the next minute as a DUIer or local drug dealer is threatening me because we impounded their car they've got my back. It's a strange feeling to know that the guy I wanted to strangle five minutes ago and who was probably complaining about me to all his buddies, will beat anyone's butt if they try to hurt or hinder me. It's almost like I have 18 brothers. I guess I gotta love them. 

I promise I will get back to being me, but I have just been exhausted. We are all stressed at work. The long hours, stress of accidents and being together 24/7 is starting to wear us down. Especially me, stuck in the middle of the boys and the clients, but I promise better days are coming here on this little blog. 

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