Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The truth about holidays

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Sigh... I have mixed emotions about the holidays. It's warm and cozy and you get to eat good food. You also get to see your family... the whole family. This is where it gets hard. I love my family, but since my grandfather passed it seems like something is missing when we all get together. To me the holidays kind of shine a spotlight on those that are missing. It is so hard and depressing. I am hoping Baby K feels that void a little bit this year. Maybe we can all find happiness in this Thanksgiving.

That's the sad part of dealing with the family...  And then you have cousin "Joe" who is gross and loud and you have to deal with him and his kids and his wife who isn't friendly. There are the snarky in-laws commenting on your cooking (I have something up my sleeve for this relative.). There are the kids screaming and fighting and pitching fits. Oh and did I mention that relative who comments on your new car and house and how it must be nice to get whatever you want? Um, no I work for my stuff, maybe if you would get a job instead of coming up with fake excuses, you would have nice things too.

This year my sister threw a wrench into it all and told my parents she wanted to move out Monday AM. My mom is devastated and is not attending Thanksgiving. My sister has no idea what she is giving up. My parents bought her a gorgeous horse, a truck, she is in school. She has the world ahead of her, but some stupid boy is in the picture. If they show up to Thanksgiving it is sure to be awkward. If they don't show up mom will be depressed all weekend. 

So grab a drink and prepare for Thursday. I am sure we will all have stories come Monday.

Side note: My husband just looked at me and said can we look at hairstyles for me. Oh lawd.... what is going on in this family.
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