Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Give it Away...

This month I swapped sponsorships with some bloggers that offered the chances to do giveaways. I have not had that opportunity so I was pretty excited. 

One of the giveaways is still going on over at Be Freckled. Ya'll should go check it out because there is some great stuff and there will be 7 winners! Yes, I said 7! You should go check her out anyways. She is so nice and she lives in Germany. She also has boxers. A girl after my own heart I tell ya. 

Go check her out. 

I also participated in a giveaway at Texas Lovebirds. She has an adorable little boy and a super cute blog. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Another reason I love her... Her beliefs are beautiful. Her prayer section is inspiring. Seriously, go look at her page just for a breath of fresh, positive air. 


I also got to do a giveaway with Erin at The view from 510. Talk about a busy month. It was a blast though and I really appreciate the opportunities given to me. 

Now get over to Be Freckled and enter the newest giveaway! 

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