Thursday, November 1, 2012

Those angry lady parts

This post is coming to you straight from the bed. I made the hubby chili, because he adores my recipe. The main reason he married me would be that I can cook like a masterchef above average home cook.

About 5 minutes after we finished dinner I started to get really sick. I must have looked awful too because hubs kept asking if I felt okay. I finally told him I was grabbing my computer and blogging from bed. I hope I am not catching something. I have been nauseous after the last few meals I have consumed. Yuck. I honestly, think that my lady parts are just angry. Here is a little fact about me... It's about to get personal... 

I suffer from PCOS. Basically, my body hates me. My hormones are out of wack all the time, it makes it hard to lose weight, my periods are ridiculous (irregular and painful), I have thin hair that gets thinner based on hormone issues that month, and I get depressed very easily. PCOS can make having a baby difficult. That time of the month is usually hell.  I am in bed with cramps that double me over at least one day of my period, and I have a high pain tolerance. I feel nauseated and have stomach issues during this time of the month and I run a fever. Occasionally, I have ruptured cysts and have had to go the E.R. for the pain and I have pelvic pain pretty much through the month. This month I have lost enough hair to make a wig and I feel like I have the flu. Fatigue is a mother. 

PCOS can cause diabetes, high blood pressure and so many other issues. So my angry lady parts want to kill me. Lovely. I am just ready for this month to be over. I am also ready to stop feeling pukey. Is that a word?

 Dear Lady parts, There isn't a bun in the oven because you won't allow that so stop being biatchy. K? 

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Scribble-N-Dash said...

Ahhh hope you feel better soon girl!!!!!! :)