Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear pit bulls, You are misunderstood and I don't think it is fair. Tonight we watched Beyond the Myth. All I can say is wow. People are ignorant. I really need to do more for the breed. Maybe finish my book about adopting my guy? My fortune cookie did say something about that.

Dear nails, You are gorgeous this week. Seriously, one of my favorite color schemes ever. 
Nude, Cocoa Brown and sparkles
Dear dogs, When I got home today I had a surprise waiting. You guys threw a party! There were cans and trash on the sofas, under the tables... It looked like a group of frat boys partied with ya'll. Not cool. 

Dear sleep, I have missed you. We are reuniting this weekend! 

Dear readers, Thank you for hanging in there with me through the move and the slacking. In the next month I plan to be more active, do more for sponsors and get more real with the content.

Dear Ms. Baby, We are kinda besties. Auntie adores you. Never forget that. 

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