Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend re-cap

I did it! This is the first layout I did all by my lonesome. I am actually finally happy with it. I hope you guys like it too.

Moving on... Today has been crazy stressful. Work is insane because we only are taking Thursday off. Chris wasn't scheduled to be off but dad said it would be okay since we will be so slow. Thank God. Thanksgiving is usually hurried because we are technically on call. I think this will be a nice treat.

Speaking of nice treats... If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this little beauty.
That is right, no more raking for me! I was so excited, then we put it together. After about eh.... 15 30 minutes my arms were killing me. I thought this was supposed to make it easier! It cut the time in half but my arms are aching today. I need to get to the gym or something... yeah, right. Anyways, I did tell hubby this is the one time I will be just excited as he is about power tools. Is a leaf blower a power tool?

Another adventure of the weekend... I tried to paint. By myself. With no painters tape. Let's all take a moment to absorb that.... as you can guess it was a disaster. We started like this:
All nice and neat and ready to go! Shortly after that, I had paint in my hair, on my hands, on the floor (it wiped up!), on the trim (also wipe-able) and even on my feet. I had rags with paint on them every where. I still painted one whole wall before giving up though. My final straw? One of the paint brushes fell into the paint tray and I proceeded to roll it with paint. At that moment, I decided painting just isn't my gig. I will stick to bossing around tow trucks and riding horses thank you very much. 

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Betsy Lynn said...

Just found your blog..I love it! Southern girl myself! You can visit me at Simply Southern ( I def will be stopping around here more often! :)