Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall makes me wanna....

Fall seriously brings out the kid in me. 
It's my last hurrah before Winter depresses me and has me yearning for sunlight. 
Today I started things I look forward to in the fall. All the things I want to do and accomplish before the weather turns harsh. 

Here is my list... 

Fall makes me want to wear comfy sweaters and my Timberland boots and warm scarves. 

Fall makes me want to sip on apple cider. 

It makes me want to stomp on leaves and acorns just to hear the crunching noise. 

Fall makes me want to snuggle under warm blankets on the front porch at the farm and watch the deer and wildlife play. 


Fall makes me want to make pie. Apple, pumpkin, pecan you name it... 

Fall makes me want to pick pecans in our pecan grove with that stick contraption. We lost ours and I almost cried. It has been my pecan picker since I was a child. 

Fall makes me want to tack up a horse in a western saddle and trail ride instead of train for competition. 

It makes me wanna sleep in my warm bed until late morning. 

Fall makes me want to drink wine with the RLBFF and craft. (okay so that's appropriate year round)

And it makes me want to light candles everywhere. 

Fall makes me want to eat comfort food. My hips hate this but whatev....

It makes me want to cheer loudly and scream at the t.v and sweaty men chasing a brown ball. 

Fall makes me want to snuggle.

Fall is "love weather."


Melissa {} said...

I love fall as well! All of these things sound amazing! I hope the winter weather isn't too bad for you this year!

Helene said...

what beautiful pictures!!!

Helene in Between