Monday, November 5, 2012

Sick as a human? Sick as a dog?

I have no idea where people come up with some of these phrases. Sick as a dog? Where did that come from? I mean Riley typically just eats some grass voms once or twice and hits the ground running. I am in bed miserable. Shouldn't it be sick as a human? 

My PCOS is being a bish again. Remember when I told you about my angry lady parts. That was just a few days ago. Well, I went to the doctor today and after a year of me saying "can we look at other options?", she decided we should look at other options. My ovary looks like swiss cheese in the images and the pain is like 25 days out of the month. So, we switched meds today. I have taken one dose and I feel like I could vom at any moment. Hubs brought me ginger ale and took care of the horse and the dogs tonight. He also cooked and cleaned. He is a keeper, I tell ya. I am a crying, sick mess. ( I cry when I am happy, sad, frustrated, or pissed) I might not be keeper material tonight. Tis life. I will see ya'll tomorrow when I have my shiz together. 

Good night ya'll. 

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