Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That girl with the camera

Recently, I have been getting more and more compliments on the photography on this blog. Am I talented or what? Just kidding... A lot of the photos taken around this blog were taken by the talented Ms. Anna, my 15 year old sister. She is the girl I run too when I need the perfect picture.


Yes...you read that right....the girl is 15 and does not have a minute of professional training. She is home schooled and hopes to graduate early and head to school to be a photographer. In the mean time she uses my parents gorgeous property as her back drop, takes pictures at horse shows, and our farm. You can find her work here and here too! And if any photographers want to give her pointers she would enjoy it!

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Rachel said...

haha! All the pictures on my blog that are actually good are taken by my 17 yr. old little brother, too! The bad ones are taken by myself and my husband. I'm always trying to get my brother to take pictures for me, obviously!