Monday, November 5, 2012

I went to a bar with Honey Boo Boo

True story. Well actually it was my mom dressed as Little Ms. Honey boo boo. A local bar here always has a costume contest with awesome prizes and mom was determined to win. 
We got a bubble gum pink dress from a local thrift store, a blonde wig, and trashy makeup. Hallie donated her stuff pig and we took and old horse show trophy and wrote "Grand Supreme" on it. Mom put a lot of thought into it. 

But we were in a bar. Everyone was drunk. And slutty wins in that case. One of the chicks dressed as "The Wet T-shirt winner" won. Notice how I said one of? There were like 3. What happened to originality? I thought mom looked great and we had a blast so whatev. 

The rest of the weekend I organized my house, bought light fixtures and paint, did laundry and made laundry detergent. Being Suzie Homemaker is tough. I took like 3 naps. That is all I did all weekend... Some recap, huh? That is why I am blessing you guys with another awesome read today.

Nicole at Living with Fletch

She is adorable. They are adorable. Just read the Love Story, I will wait... Did ya read it? I thought it was sweet. I also loved where she explained the sass attack. I am pretty sure a scene just like this plays out at our house weekly and I just have never had a name for it. Now, thanks to Nicole, I can tell hubs it was just a sass attack. I laughed out loud when I read about how getting a new phone led to a new number that belonged to someone with a very interesting lifestyle. Read it here

See even when I am boring and do old people things on the weekend (living at Lowes) I still manage to give you reading material! Now go check out Nicole and Fletcher!

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