Friday, November 16, 2012

Another dog? Am I crazy?


Dear Starbucks fatass Venti peppermint mocha frap, 
You have no idea how loved and needed. I am hyper beyond words. This is the first peppermint mocha of the day. This has made my Friday.

Dear office, 
I am going to attempt to paint you by myself this weekend. BY MYSELF. I just hope your pretty hardwoods don't end up "Rushing Stream Blue". Heck, I hope I don't end up "Rushing Stream Blue."

Dear Riley and Lacey-Lou, 
So, mommy has that itch. You know that "another dog needs me" itch. I have looked at a few, and I am thinking pit. They need so much help. There are two in particular that I feel drawn too, but it's completely up too you guys. Do you want a brother or sister?


 Dear weekend, 
I plan on being productive. Don't ruin it. Don't tempt me with your lazy lull, shopping ect. It's not going to happen. I need to paint and clean and blog.

Dear OCD, 
You have been slacking. Normally, I go crazy when things are misplaced or dirty. This week the place has gotten out of hand and you haven't kicked in at all. Is it my new meds or am I just that lazy this week?

Dear menu, 
You rocked this week. Flavor-wise not calorie-wise. chicken philly with ranch bacon fries? Yes please. Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes? Yum... Let's keep up the creativity.

Dear bloggy lovelies, 
So I am thinking about changing it up again. Is it too soon since my last switch up? What do ya'll think? Any pointers or tips? 

PS the blog is a mess. Sorry I am switching it up 

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