Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creepin' at the Car wash

Remember how I said that my car had been neglected this month? Like there was a whole hay bale in my car? Well, you didn't think I was actually going to clean it myself did you? 
I mean, I will rinse it off and clean it out but this thing basically needed to be sanitized. 

After sitting at the car wash I think maybe I need to be sanitized as well. 
Let me explain... 
I get my car washed at an awesome little spot in town. Love them! The place is fancy, has snacks, an awesome lounge and they make my car look brand new. Every time. Even when there is a bale of hay in the floor mats and enough dog hair to make another whole dog. I told you my car was gross. 

They also have computers and Ipads that you can play with while you wait. Another reason they are cooler than your car wash. The dude next to me is a creeper though. He keeps oogling women on the computer. Seriously. In a public place. Not full nudes but still... 

Ya know... It wouldn't be so creepy if he didn't look up a random female and find the most scantily clad photo to enlarge and then glance around like he is guilty. Ew. 

I would hate to be a model or celebrity and know that this was happening every day in like 456487 different places in the world. Ew. But ya know, the money probably make the creepiness go away. I don't know this guy is pretty gross. I would try to snap a photo, but then I would be the creepy one. 

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