Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I can't see!

Seriously. We had sausage and peppers for dinner. I am a child and picked up a pepper with my finger. I then proceeded to eat the pepper then rub my eye. 
I am a genius. It took 3 tries to spell genius. Sigh.... It's been a long day. 

Why a long day? 
-My uterus hates me. Lady problems are lame. I hope this PCOS doesn't ruin my baby making plans. 
- It was payroll day at work. Enough said. I am going to dream about numbers tonight. 
- I had to wake up 45 minutes early today. What?! I need my beauty sleep! (I typed it booty sleep at first... hahaha... Get it?... Never mind.)
- I didn't have coffee today. Yes, you read that right. NO COFFEE! 

Moving on.

I want to introduce you guys to two more beautiful ladies today. 

The Fontenot Four
Sarah at Fontenot Four is amazing. She is so inspiring. I love reading her down to earth, real posts. No fluff here. She is the real deal. Her faith is beautiful and I love how she engages everyone else. The scripture and many blessings can be found on her page. 
Chasing Birdies

Shelby has helped me so much in the blogging community. She doesn't even know. She is one of the first people to swap with me and I have found so many other people to swap with through her blog. I truly appreciate her. She is young but wise and I hope she gets into the school of her dreams. She is a talented golfer and her page is adorable. Check her out. 


Back to the debate. I could never be part of a debate. I would get frustrated and punch the other party in the face. Violent? A little, but I like to be right and in control. Speaking of being in control, I decided to share the love seat with the dog. SHARE. He doesn't understand that word. He has smooshed his 70 lb rump behind me. He has his own cushion! Oy vey...
Night ya'll! 

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