Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday letters.

Dear Baby K, You have grown so much and aunty loves being able to see you everyday. What a blessing. Happy one month little bit! 

Dear little blog, You are growing and we are meeting new people. Yay! I love the community. I love the people I have met. I love the outlet.

Dear Mama and Daddy, (yes I am a true Southern girl and still call them mama and daddy) I miss you guys! 2 weeks is way to long. Work is boring without ya'll. I didn't realize how much I enjoy seeing ya'll everyday. Please come home soon!

Dear sissy Sara, I hope you are rocking it at the World Championships. Enjoy every moment because you will miss it. I know your 17 year old self said that it is interfering with life, but honey you will realize that those horses are a huge part of  life. When you grow up and have a job and have to squeeze in ride time you will miss spending 6 hours a day in the saddle. Trust me. 

*** Update*** One World Champion Title and 2 reserve World Champion Titles! Way to show off The Castleberry girls' talents! I am proud of you. 

Dear hubby, Yay for this new chapter! You know the one where we get to spend a lot more time at home? Sitting on our deck, eating dinner and watching the sunset behind our horse was amazing. Can you believe we are lucky enough to see that every night now. 

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The Heights Life! said...

What a lovely horse!! Hope you have a great weekend!