Friday, October 5, 2012

Finally Friday

Dear Friday, This week flew by, but it was exhausting at the same time. I missed you Friday. 
Dear Casper, I woke up this morning at the new house. Guess what I saw from my bathroom window. Your sweet self grazing while the sun rose behind you. That made me one happy mama. 
Dear hubs, We are freaking homeowners! I know it;s going to be a lot of work, but we can do it. I know it's a little stressy this month because we just found out the caretaker at the farm is leaving, but we got this. I love you. 
Dear daddy, I know you stressed as well. We can handle the farm. Relax. I am about to go straight up cowgirl. You guys work the land and leave the cows to me. 
Dear new glasses, oooo la la.... I love you. Stylish and funky and adorable. Where have you been all of my 4-eyed life?
Dear Followers, Thank you. You guys are great and I am thankful for all of you. 

Have a great weekend ya'll!


Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Congrats on being homeowners! That's a huge accomplishment!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Hope you had a great weekend! YAY for the new home! Nice to meet ya chicky! Stop by my blog when you get a second and lets be friends? Maybe we could follow each other??