Thursday, October 11, 2012

The hay bale in my car

With this whole moving stuff I have neglected everything. Seriously everything.
I only posted 3 times last week and they were hurried posts. I apologize.
 The sad part is the blog is one of the least neglected parts on my life. 

My house looks like a tornado hit it. There are boxes everywhere, there are cleaning supplies lying here and  there and there are piles of stuff to be donated in every corner. I want to scream. 

My barn... Oh my... the barn. I got a load of bagged shavings in 2 weeks ago. They are still in the aisle. One of the stalls has all of the mats removed. Those are also in the aisle. There is grass growing in the aisle. My horses mane is impossibly long and needs shortened and thinned. I just avoid looking in the barns direction. 

Then you get to my car. You know that new car I swore to clean weekly. Its been 6 weeks. Those 6 weeks have included 2 trips to the farm with dogs and cows. My car is disgusting. 

That is what the pretty baby is supposed to look like. I am pretty sure there is enough hay to make a bale in there now. Plus, the hubby wants to trade it for a truck and it's hard to convince him to let me keep it when it's gross. 

I cannot wait for this long drawn out move to be over. I cannot wait to get my life organized. My OCD is making me stressy and cranky and I am on the verge of a panic attack. Not a fake panic attack. A real deal one. I can feel my body shutting down the way it does before I panic. I am taking more naps, not taking time to do makeup or hair, not caring.... I keep telling myself one more week and it will be over.

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