Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaves are not supposed to smell yummy.

Just a quick post to tell you I am still here! 
We are finally getting settled in the new place (pics to come!) and we got internet today. 
I am almost ashamed to say I was very close to crying tears of happiness. I missed ya'll way too much. 

In other news... 
We have decided that since I am a horse nut dignified equestrian, we are going for a horse theme in the house. We could go random horses, upscale equestrian or foxhunt-ish, western, race horse themed... that all seemed a little silly for a whole house. 

Our house is a traditional with wooden floors and a gorgeous brick hearth that takes up a whole wall. It was all built by my awesome grandfathers. They rock. The tones in the wood inspired us to go with a western/southern/southwestern feel. Ya with me? I kinda lost myself there. 
I just want the western style (boots, saddles, horses) with the southwestern colors and textures(reds, browns....) with a southern charm (mason jars, iron beds, fresh flowers). 
The hubs wants me to stick with one style religiously. I don't see the fun in that. What do ya'll think?

Also, I am obsessed with my new "leaves" candle. It smells yummy. Why? The wet leaves I have been raking do not smell yummy. At all. And I have learned critters and creepy crawlies live under the leaves. Speaking of creepy crawlies... the caretaker at the weekend house moved out last weekend. He left us with a black widow problem in the house he was living in! WTH?? I am not entering that house ever again. 

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