Monday, October 1, 2012

Ya know who's awesome?

Me. Just kidding. I am more modest than that. Or am I? 
But for serious. have a few more amazing sponsors you guys should check out. 

First up... 


Erin is adorable. Her family is adorable. She is open and honest and I love that about her. She recently wrote a post called If it happens, it happens. It was a beautiful post and made me realize that because of PCOS I have convinced myself I don't want children and maybe I do. I thank her for that post. 


Courtney is my newest sponsor and I cannot wait to get to know her. She lives in the Big Apple and blogs about her life.She wants to be in the music world and I think that is awesome. How cool would it be to say, we knew her when...? 

Okay and now back to me... 
My favorite topic. I am obviously in a mood today and that mood is stuck on myself. I blame that on the fact that my sister is in Oklahoma City at the World Championships and I chose to sit out this year and buy a house. This causes me to be jealous. How lame am I? 

I could just live in the horse trailer with my pony and travel the country competing. Oh wait, I did this and then I was broke for a year. Sigh.... I need to win the lottery or find wealthy equestrian sponsors. 

I can feel it... I am going to be grouchy for the next two weeks knowing my family is at the biggest equestrian event of the year and I am stuck in Georgia. Lord, I am whiny... sorry ya'll. Don't give up on me! 


Side note... We are moving this month and I may need a few guest posts, so if you are interested please email me! 


momto8blog said...

I remember when my girlfriends went to the USA open for the whole weekend...and I stayed home and watched THEIR kids!! oh my gosh...and my husband was gone with his frat brothers golfing. i watched some sappy chick flick by myself and drank a bottle of wine!
i am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.

Ashlee Christopher said...

Haha you crack me up! thanks for the comment earlier!! Excited to be your newest follower! Don't be a stranger