Wednesday, October 31, 2012

That time we were those neighbors...

My mama may never speak to me again. 
Okay so that is probably a lie, but she is going to be ashamed. 
I, Mallory, did not exactly welcome trick or treaters this year. 

Earlier today mom asked me if I had prepared for trick or treaters. When I said no she was not a happy camper. Apparently this house in the cul de sac has been offering candy since 1989, and that should not stop because someone named Mallory bought the place. "Don't be those neighbors" she warned. 
I groaned and told her I didn't have time to get candy, I had a hair appointment and the dogs were getting used to the new place and I didn't want strangers knocking on the door all night.  She told me to put candy in a dish next to the mailbox. Big D (mama) has an answer for everything. 

It's not even that I hate the idea of cute little kids dressed as pumpkins and kittens and cowboys knocking on my door, I just really want a quiet evening in mending whatever is going on with the hubs. That means candles, a scary movie and pumpkin cheesecake. 

In the end mom warned that if I don't put out candy my house might be egged or tp'ed. What, by second graders??? If any punk kids decide to get ghetto at my house it is on, just saying. I will flatten the tires on their bicycles. Kidding... Kinda. 

Then I started thinking.... Big D might roll my house just to teach me a lesson. So there is a bowl outside with candy, but the porch light is off so don't come knocking! 

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