Friday, October 19, 2012


Dear week, 
You have been awful. Sorry, but why you gotta by such a bish? I am just glad your party-lovin' cousin the weekend is here. Honestly, I am not partying at all. I am unpacking the house. Joy of all joys. 

Dear Jelly Belly, 
I am addicted to your Extreme Sport Beans. Energy drink in Jelly Bean form? Ah- Mazing. I can clean the whole house in like an hour on these things. I am a little ridiculous on these things. The office is threatening an intervention. 

Hello, my name is Mallory and I have a problem. 

Dear hubs, 
I love you. Even after this week. Sometimes you are a negative Nancy though and I want to punch you. 

Dear dogs, 
I love that you love your new place! Riley, you seem to enjoy this off leash freedom. Lacey, you are loving the fact that you are in "your" space. You were a puppy last time we lived here. 

Dear house, 
Be prepared for house bootcamp. I am whipping you into shape this weekend. Prepare to be organized. Just don't whip back because my old lady hip is killing me. 

Fun fact: I have an old lady hip because Casper decided to buck me to the moon. The landings get harder as you get older. Imagine that. When I get 90 I am screwed.
Dear Momma and Daddy, 
I am jealous of your new house. It should be on Cribs or in a magazine or a movie. 

I will be invading your house frequently. 

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