Monday, October 29, 2012

On the mend...

First, let me say sorry for the late post. We had a rough day at work. 

Friday I told ya'll about the issues the hubs and I have been having the past few weeks. I explained how lonely and empty I felt. Then you guys poured the support and prayers into my lap. I was overwhelmed that so many of you listen and care and were so kind. Through the weekend I felt your prayers working to restore peace to us. 

We went to my parent's new paradise for a day on the farm and some hiking. My 15 year old sister wants to be a photographer and she is so talented. She asked us to pose for a few photos.  Here are a few of the pictures she got. Remember, No makeup and my hair was thrown up after hiking. 

The little photo session was actually good for us. It brought us back to us. The hiking helped too. Being in the woods without cellphones or interruptions. We found signs of a bear in the area and waterfalls and gorgeous wild magnolias. My parents have a little slice of paradise and I am grateful they let us use it. 

That night friends came over to mama and daddy's. We all piled into the new kitchen and cooked together which was a blast. We then settled into the den for football and dinner. The game was interesting. We had Florida fans and Georgia fans present. I was rooting for Georgia because the hubs is a Gator fan.

Sunday we went back to mama's for more fun. We helped them set up their family room and played with the dogs while we waited on dinner. After dinner we all snuggled into the family room and watched old HeeHaw reruns. The wind was awful and it was cold, but we were inside with warm throws snuggled up with our significant others watching the leaves hit the lake. It was so cozy and I feel at peace today. I just hope we can hold onto this peace. 

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