Thursday, August 16, 2012

Always. Sometimes. Never - Baby edition

The Daily Tay

It's the Always. Sometimes. Never Blog hop! I loved this one last week so I am back for more. A big thank you to the ladies who host this one.

My cousins baby shower is Saturday and I have been helping throw this thing. I love planning events. LOVE IT.  However....

I always plan way to many details.
Sometimes this stresses me out as I try to rush to put it all together.
I never get it all done. EVER.

This time around I decided to make the cupcakes and teddy bear cake myself. My aunt and I decided we were pretty crafty individuals. But...

I always get icing all over me. I smell like a giant cupcake right now.
Sometimes, I forget I am not on cupcake wars.
I never fail to provide quality entertainment to those who get to watch me cover myself um... the cupcakes in icing.

My family can throw a pretty mean party though.

We always get it all pull it together.
Sometimes we think we should plan events professionally.
We never let it go past being just a thought.

I mean when you plan other people stuff you don't get to partake in the games. Pssh... If I planed that shiz you can bet I will always be on the dance floor doing the "slow chicken dance". Thank you New Girl.
I will sometimes have too many cocktails. oops
I will never be the first to leave.

That's right. I ALWAYS come to rock it. Sometimes I think I am an a list celebrity. I never meant to get this far off topic.

Okay, so baby shower... we are doing this SATURDAY! We still have a ton to do. Wish us luck! I will post pictures. Later.




Melissa said...

ahh... I love planning events for and with my family... we tend to have the same issues. Always planning way too many little details & always getting stressed out about finishing, but they always turn out spectacular!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend & the baby shower turns out great!! :)

<3 Melissa

Mallory Castleberry said...

Thank you Melissa. There will be pictures next week. IF I can work the camera in my state of exhaustion lol