Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When I grow up...

When I grow old I want to be like my parents' future neighbor. This woman is a southern bell through and through. She is a tobacco heiress and comes from a great family. She is sassy as all get out and very outspoken. I haven't met her, I have just heard stories and I already love her. 

Here is the conversation that my mama had with her the second time she met her... 

Mama: "The couple that lives in the house I am buying, they are older. Correct?"
Ms. Tobacco Heiress: "Lord no honey! They are about my age." 

(Mama said the woman is like 77ish) 
I love how she still sees herself as a young woman. She still gets all dolled up and everything. How cute is that? I will never complain about getting older again, because if mid 70s isn't old, then I am a baby!

Next gem from the lovely lady....
Okay so some how they were talking about how we have a cattle farm in south Georgia. Apparently, Ms. Tobacco Heiress loves cows! Her family always had horses and cows too. 

Anyways... They were talking about our herds and the breeds and the bulls and she says at some part, "Well  honey our cows are bred better than some of the family." 

Haha... okay for those of you who aren't southern bred, your family name is everything in the old South. . That is how connections are made. If your family is wild and steals and gets in trouble with the police, you aren't going to get far in some social circles.

I have just never heard it quite like this little southern bell says it. I will have to remember that when one of my rowdy cousins decides to ask why I tend to avoid them. (Not to sound snotty, but some of my cousins have very questionable morals.)


Giggles said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I know some of your cousins and I concur!! The BFF and I have actually looked up the State Dept. of Corrections website and it was like looking researching her family tree.

Mallory said...

Haha it's so sad, but so true. Daddy would always try to scare my boyfriends off with stories about those cousins. Chris actually has met some of the crazies and still stuck around.