Monday, August 27, 2012

Stalking my lovely ladies!

So I have some new lovely sponsors that I adore. Seriously, they are amazing. As always I stalk read as much of my ladies blogs as possible and let me tell you, Ms. Buckeye Belle is entertaining. 
She is a college student, who truly loves God. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Another interesting thing... she actually uses her Pinterest pins. I pin stuff and forget about it. She takes the crafts and makes them! She mentions some of those projects here. The canvases are adorable. She also cooks and organizes and still manages to blog. Amazing. Check her out!

The next lovely is Amanda. 
She is a creeper. Her words, not mine. That's one of the reasons she is great. She can laugh at others and herself. Her and her BFF are hilarious. Seriously, everyone needs friends like these two. She also has a fur baby that she is obsessed with like me. 

I honestly think that if these girls lived in Georgia we would be friends. I am obsessed with both their blogs. Check. Them. Out. 

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