Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday finally showed up!


Well, we made it through Friday! That means it is time for some Friday letters. 

Dear Riley, Why are you a wild man tonight? It's cute, but when you annoy Lacey and she attacks your face I am not going to discipline her. 

Dear Mortgage guy, Got the paperwork you needed me to sign today! You had the wrong address on all the stuff. I don't think the people in Midville would be happy if I signed the papers on their house. I don't even know where Midville is. 

Dear followers, Thank you. Your comments and emails made my day. You have no idea. I hope I can continue entertaining you. 

Dear Mama and Daddy, Thank you. I cannot even begin to repay you for all you have done for me over the years. I love ya'll.

Dear summer thunderstorm, I am loving you right now! I have a feeling I will be sleeping well tonight. This will probably make waking up and going to the office on my day off, just to hang with hubby even harder.

Dear Eyes, Can we stop with the off again/on again pinkeye-type crap. Seriously, I miss my contacts and I look like I am hungover and haven't slept in 4 day. 

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