Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My boyfraaaannn! (a girl can dream)

I am in love. Celeb love. Hubs knows about it so don't even try to tattle,not that you would. My celeb crush is cute, funny and can drive anything. Our relationship is very laid back. He never asks me to cook dinner or clean the house. Mainly because he has no clue I exist. Whatevs. Little details. 

Who is this sexy man you ask? Tanner Foust from Top Gear. 
Yum, Ya'll. Yum.

It helps that the show is pretty funny. And he is gorgeous. Did I mention that? Right now he is talking about how his smart car is like a small dog that doesn't know how small it is and is growling at the big dogs. I told hubby he was witty. Now that I typed it out not so much. Love makes you blind. 

This post was pretty worthless. Sorry. But seriously, who is your celebrity boyfriend?

Ya'll he just camo-fied a smart car. And yes I just made up a word. 

I am off to watch Mr. Wonderful!

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